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Insane Clown Posse

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Twizted Bio

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Members: Morbid and Vampyro
Nicknames : Jamie Madrox, Jamie, Madrox, Mr. Bones, Bones, Big Stank, etc.
Birth Name : James Spaniolo
Date of Birth : 11/5/75
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Hazel/Green
Height : 6'4
Weight : 275 lbs
Race : caucasian
Sex : male
Origin : born in East Detroit
Occupation : Twiztid Serial Killa
Weapon of Choice : Batarang or a big fuckin' axe
Psychological Evaluation : Jamie is a manic compulsive- depressant who suffers from a fixation of reality mind states where in fact he breaks down reality with levels of multiple personalities to control his own personal reality.
More : Jamie used to be a member of House of Krazees (HOK) until Psychopathic called him and the Monoxide Child up to record their shit at Psychopathic Records as Twiztid.

I live for the carnival I pray for the carnival I die for the carnival